• New Boiler Installation

    Which type of the water heater is the most energy efficient?

    This question bothers a lot of buyers when it comes to choosing an energy efficient water heater. There are many factors to consider – fuel type, water capacity, size, mode of operation, and cost. But energy efficiency is the factor that homeowners are prioritizing more these days. The efficiency of your water heater implies both […]

  • Technological Advances and Innovations in Plumbing

    The growth of technological advances in the last twenty years has already gone beyond the expectations of experts within the plumbing industry. There is a great number of options to create a personal, relaxing experience in your house from “smart” shower/bath systems to toilets manufactured in a way that surpass your personal expectations. We as […]

  • What are Shower Pans and why are they Important?

    Basic Definitions It is worth to notice that even though the terms shower base and shower pan are often used as synonyms, there are some key differences. These terms are often confused because of the similar functions they perform. A shower base/shower pan is a separate area that can both direct but also retain water in the drain. […]

  • Six Signs You May Have a Broken Water Heater

    A broken hot water heater is always annoying, especially when it breaks at the most unexpected moment, when you are eager to take a relaxing and hot shower but get icy water instead. Do not wait until such a day – make sure you maintain your water heater in proper working condition at all times. […]

  • Germ Spots Worse than Your Toilet Seat

    For some reason some people think that the worst harbor of various bacteria is located in the bathroom, specifically on the toilet seat. But truth is toilets don’t harbor as much bacteria as one might think. Most likely you clean and disinfect your toilets on a regular basis, and their smooth, dry surfaces aren’t easy […]


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